This Is Not Where It Ends

by The Final Piece

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released October 20, 2012



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The Final Piece Springfield, Missouri

A four piece rock group out of Springfield MO. Coming from very diverse musical backgrounds the band does their best incorporate many ideas into each song. Choosing to not rely on any one gimmick or current trend this band simply writes what they enjoy. For this release the band stuck to fundamental DIY philosophies: it was recorded, engineered, mixed & mastered by the drummer & guitarist. Enjoy! ... more

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Track Name: Never Alone
I ask you so many questions I don’t deserve an answer for, you observe
my most selfish sides and still you come back for more, you walk with me and help me endure this path that’s laid before me, even when all I offer you is broken you never ignore me.

when all the walls came closing in I turned to you, you were my friend, you helped me define the word home,when I’m with you I’m never alone.

A broken picture of myself is what I hold in my hands, you say “just come as you are” you welcome me just as I am, I don’t know how to accept this gift that you give me, I don’t know how can you forgive me?
Track Name: Send Me To The Flames
just like the hundreds and thousands who have paved this path before me, I will stand before my accusers with nothing but a steel resolve in my eyes, so sad that it comes to this again and again and once again, betrayed by the words and actions of whom I thought was my true friend, so now let them gather their stones and prepare for themselves to decide my fate, as the sky opens up I’ll display love to men who only know how to hate.

so send me to the flames, I know this is not a game, so send me to the flames, I won’t forget your name.

This journey, the path i’M on does not end when I draw my last breath, so fill my lungs with sand or water I’m prepared to face my death, you’ll never match the weight I can take so keep laying these stones on my chest, in the midst of these trials some would say I’m cursed but I know I’m blessed. so i’ll let these ideals I hold so close I’ll let them be put to the test, I will give my life for this cause, no greater words I cannot confess.

you can’t fake this and you can’t break this heart
Track Name: Premature Goodbye
A simple midnight conversation to ease this wandering mind. At the conclusion wish I could hit (REWIND) these events, rewind these emotions, but sadly there's no chance to go back in (TIME) is cruel, hesitation leads to regret, but it's up to me on how I will be (DEFINED) by you, you think you know me so well, but you don't know anything so now I saw farewell

I will break the mold you made for me simply just by being alive.
don't try to contain me, there's a fire that sustains me, your judgment ushers us to a premature goodbye

My muscles are strained, I am short of breath, but still I'll continue to climb these mountains that are before (ME) and my brothers we will carry on, in my heart I know I have no (FEAR) is for the weak, I feel fatigue setting in. To make this climb requires both of my (HANDS) outstretched to my brothers, these years are not in vain, in the end the entire world will know our name
Track Name: Leave You Behind
I find myself becoming a man that I cannot let myself become, so hard to remember who I once was, I have become so numb, so easy to blame the creation of this island on what others have, they have done to me, so easy to lock myself away in this pain, only one way I know to truly be free.

so I will leave you behind for my own good,
I have the power to do so many things that I never thought I could.

There’s a change in the air that I’m feeling tonight, so many bitter feelings that I once harbored. with love, they must be replaced. your actions may have caused us to say our goodbyes, but your actions they will not be my
demise I will push myself through this darkness, open my eyes, let the sun shine on me through these beautiful skies.

I and you: we, we are the me, the enemy that we must leave behind,
the past no longer will define, this future is so bright this future is mine
Track Name: Speak Of The Devil
They say these idle hands are the devil's playground. What now should I do with all this free time that I've found? I will host a party, make sure I'll invite you. How can you trust me? Every word I say is true

Speak of the devil and the devil appears. I close my eyes. I open them up and you are here. Get behind me! It won't be long until you are gone. This decision to end your time here I know in my heart cannot be wrong.

So tell me your secrets, you know that I will keep them. at least until I see you walk away. So tell me your secrets you know that I won't keep them, my open mouth will be your life's disarray.

and I'll show you just how beautiful life can be
Track Name: John Connor
A brand new chapter, this worldwide disaster was ushered upon us all laste last night. It's time for all the boys to become men, It's time that we all... we all learned how to fight. So gather your loved ones and hold them close, find some shelter, get some food and don't forget to grab your guns. The divisions that once divided us will be discarded, tonight we will learn, we will fight as one.

Tie this red flag to your arm you can trust in me... look in my eyes. COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, come with me... we will survive!

Everything that I knew about life as planned is changing, that which I hoped would be false is now true. The weight of the world is on my shoulders, my eyes have been opened... I'm no longer confused. I have become the hope for others to hold on to, but how can I be the man that others have set for me to be? Born into this legacy to be the savior of humanity, I fear I will die chasing this destiny.

Tie this red flag to your arm you can trust in me... look in my eyes. COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, come with me... we will survive!

There is no fate but what we make. THERE IS NO FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE! We've been as this war since before I was alive, at the end of this war I will watch you die!